“Why should I hire Ed?”

What folks say about me, plus a few additional facts

1. Strategic focus.

As my old boss and friend Felice Kincannon puts it, “Ed is the most strategic creative person I have ever worked with.” I started in direct mail, where strategy and creativity are inextricably linked. I’ll help you figure out the right things to say, not just how to say them.

2. Experience counts.

It’s not just the years, though I have nearly 30 of them. It’s not just a broad range of industries (from automotive to zoos, from consumer to B2B to fundraising). It’s not just the media (TV, radio, print, online, collateral, direct mail -- hell, I’ve done bangtails, door hangers and at least a hundred lift notes!) It’s all of the above.

3. Exceptional creative.

My work has been honored with more than 100 creative awards, from many different organizations. The direct marketing awards are all backed by exceptional results.

4. Easy to work with.

In her recommendation, Deb Gallagher said “plus he's fun, reasonable to work with, fast, and tells great stories.” Truth is, it’s easier to do great work with someone you like than with someone who drives you nuts.

5. Reliable budget.

I don’t believe in hourly fees. Clients hire me for my output, not my time. That’s why I prefer project-based fees. I don’t charge for revisions, no matter how many times you want something re-done; I keep going until you’re happy. When you work with me, you know what your costs will be. I’d rather have a happy client than a few extra bucks.

6. Timely delivery.

Sometimes, you have “reasonable” time frames, sometimes you don’t. My pledge to you is simple – I will do the best job I can in the time you give me, and I will always deliver the work when I say I will. I can count the number of deadlines I’ve missed on two fingers, and both times – well, trust me, you don’t want to hear these stories.

7. High “get-it” factor.

One of my NEJM clients, Jen Cognetta says: “He saves me literally hours of time, by asking all the right questions upfront to nail down the goals of the piece, the look and feel I am going for and the budget I can work with.” In other words, my “get-it” factor is uncommonly high.

8. I give every client the work they really need.

Here’s how Michael McPherson describes the kind of work you can expect from me: “[Ed] is always consultative, and tries to give every client the work they really need, rather than the work they thought they needed when they hired us. He stands by his work, because the choice of every word is carefully considered and measured against alternatives.”